Monday, October 1, 2007


Fear not, the Autumn Rose continues uninterrupted and I am nearly finished the second sleeve so it should start looking like a real sweater in the next couple of days. However I thought the blog was in need of an Autumn Rose intermission, so today I'm showing off some socks.

There is a contest for first and last socks and I'll take any chance to show off my first pair of socks:

I made these sometime early this year (I know this because I remember buying the yarn last Christmas). They are my very first attempt at socks. I followed Ann Budd's basic sock pattern and one of Barbara Walker's mosaic patterns. I worked my leg increases into one of the solid stripes. I think I knit the first sock with the pattern all the way around the foot but changed my mind and used stripes on the sole instead. I still have Opal sock yarn left over from these which I plan to use up in some sort of stripped pattern.

My latest socks are less ambitious. I bought some Trekking yarn knowing that it is enough to make knee socks. The yarn lived next to my computer for several months but I have finally started to knit these up. To make things a bit more challenging I'm using toe-up gussets for the first time. I won't be finishing these until I can wear my Autumn Rose.

And here's a detail of my ribbing increases:

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