Monday, September 24, 2007

Left Over Swatching

Having finished my Endpaper mitts with yarn to spare I swatched for my Autumn Rose Pullover. One of the things I love about knitting is that if you mess up you can always rip out and restart with the same yarn. The idea of a colour work sweater where you break your yarn every three rows makes me a bit twitchy. I couldn't bring myself to swatch properly with the sweater yarn and break the yarn into that many little pieces knowing full well that I might not get gauge and I'd have to do a new swatch with different needles. My solution was to knit the Endpaper mitts in the same yarn as the sweater (though obviously in different colours.) My gauge on the mitts was a bit off so I knit a gauge swatch with 3.25 mm needles following the sweater pattern but using left over mitt yarn.

I got the needed stitch and row gauge using my 3.25s so I cast on for the sweater last night. So far I'm still working on the ribbing, but everything is working well so far. The neat thing is that my 3.25 circular is the same needle that I knit my fist lace shawl with and now I'm using it for my first colour-work sweater.

Pictures tomorrow.

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