Sunday, September 2, 2007

Last week's work

After all of that Norwegian sock knitting I needed a break. I had a ball of Austermann Step yarn that I'd bought thinking I might use it for my swap partner before I found the red Trekking. I'd done a few gauge swatches for various patterns without finding anything that really worked with the yarn's stripes. I finally realized that I might as well knit a plain pair of socks and take advantage of the stripy yarn rather than try to find a pattern that otherwise accommodated it. And so I knit the following pair of plain socks for a very dear friend.

I used an 'eye of the partridge' heel flap (my first attempt at this pattern), a size smaller needle for the sole of the sock and a short row toe (also a first for me). They should be pretty hard wearing.

I finished the socks on Friday and then needed to have something to knit on while watching tv in the evenings. I cast on a pair of mittens using left over yarn from my monkey socks (Jitterbug) and my Norwegian saga socks (Sisu). I am very pleased with the results.

The pattern is Annemor #2 from Selbuvotter. I made the thumbs longer but otherwise followed the pattern. These are meant to be a child's mittens, so I'm putting them into my gifts pile.

I'm trying to get as much practice as I can with stranded knitting because I really want to knit the Autumn Rose Pullover. The more practice I get the better my tension will be. So expect to see colour work mittens and socks and hats and who knows what else in the next little while.

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