Friday, July 13, 2007

Casting Off and On

My mother's visit was a complete success. We visited, we ate, we drank, we played with fiber,... She showed me how to spin on my new wheel and I showed her how to turn a sock heel. My spinning wheel hasn't been out for its photo shoot yet, but I do have a picture of my mother's first sock heel:

I'm not sure if she is addicted to socks yet, but it can't be long. I'm certainly hooked. I finished my Monkeys yesterday and blocked them overnight. I'm pretty happy with how they came out:

The lighting for that picture is less than perfect. I left it too late in the day to get the really good light. I should have taken my pictures earlier but I was all caught up knitting this:

This is the beginning of the Norwegian Stockings from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks. This is also my first attempt at stranded knitting. I have done two colour knitting in the past but it has always involved slip stitch rather than two yarns at once. I really enjoy learning new techniques and stranded knitting isn't disappointing me. I am worried, though, that these socks might be just a bit too tight. I'm going to keep knitting in the hopes that blocking and wear will stretch them enough to fit comfortably. Worst comes to worst I will just have to find someone with smaller legs to give these to. Let the bribery begin ;)

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