Monday, July 6, 2009

Still more socks

Here I was thinking it had been a couple of weeks since I last blogged and that I should get back to it only to discover that it has been more than a month. When I think back to all of the things I planned to share I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. From now on, though, I fully intned to blog at least twice a week. With any luck this will also motivate me to knit more than just plain mindless socks.

When last I blogged I was half way through a pair of Wanidas. After I finished the second of the pair (which I still haven't photographed) I cast on for a pair of Rick socks from the same book.

This pattern makes a beautiful pair of socks (again, only one of which I have managed to photograph). All of the twisted stitching make it a more time consuming knit but well worth the effort.

The Rick, Wanida and Grey and Blue Monkey socks were given to my mother for her birthday. I managed to finish the Rick pair the night before her birthday, much to my relief. I was also relieved that she hadn't guessed that the socks that I was knitting and she was admiring were in fact for her. So you can blame at least some of my lack of blogging on my mother.

The next pair of socks on my needles was another pair of Monkeys. These were comissioned by my mother for one of her friends. They are knit mostly out of Kroy sock yarn, but since I ran out before the end of the second sock I had to employ another bit of stash yarn. Had I been making these for myself I would have ripped out the first toe and knit it to match. My mother has an odd penchant for asymmetry so the socks don't match. I've been thinking of these as my 'toe the line' monkey socks.
Lest one get the impression that all of my sock knitting was for gifts, here are a couple of pairs of ankle socks I have been working on (one pair finished and one half done):
Since I am wearing shorts at work a lot I decided that ankle socks would come in very handy. Of course, since I finished the first pair the weather has become cooler and I have been wearing pants and full sized socks but the theory is otherwise sound. By the end of the summer I hope to have quite the collection of stash busting ankle socks (just in time for winter).


elan said...

Yes you must blog more often, how else can us Londoners check in on you.

OzB said...

Glad to hear from you Jen. You've become a ... SOCKAHOLIC ... LOL.

Not that I can say a word...I am just finishing a pair of ankle socks that are also going to sit a while til the weather warms up!

Gonna check up on you twice a week now... :-)