Sunday, July 12, 2009

200th post

My second post of the week, like my first post of the week, is mostly socks. I've finished the pair of ankle socks I was making with my leftovers from the Monkey Rooster socks.
I used a short row heel for these socks. I discovered that I prefer the fit of heel flaps to the short row heels on these short socks. I find the short row heels cause the back of the sock to ride a bit too low.

So for my next pair I went back to heel flaps:
I used some Trekking leftovers for these and let the self striping yarn make them look interesting. My next pair will be knit out of a solid coloured Opal yarn so I'm going to knit them in the Monkey lace pattern to make things interesting. After they are finished I may take a break from ankle socks for a while.

Also on my needles is a nice straight forward lace project, the Flutter scarf:
I'm using the leftover Habu silk laceweight from my first lace project, the Icarus shawl. It should make a lovely scarf. It will have to wait until I finish this last pair of ankle socks, though...

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