Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mother and daughter spinning wheels

My current work schedule gives me Sunday and Monday off and has me working a mix of morning and evening shifts the rest of the week. This does not make it easy to find the time and motivation to blog twice a week. I will keep trying, though.

Despite the weird work hours I am getting knitting done. I finished the last pair (for now) of ankle socks but then gave them away before I got a picture of them. D'oh! I'm also about two thirds of the way through my flutter scarf. I promise to take a picture of it tomorrow; it might be finished but it probably won't be blocked.

I did take time, yesterday, to take some pictures of my old Canadian production spinning wheel and my mother's even older Canadian production spinning wheel.
Mine is the one on the right. One of these days I will do a proper post about these wheels. They are fantastic machines. I really want to find the time to figure out their dimensions and ratios. Until then I will just say that there is a good reason that this was the wheel that I packed up and moved across country with me, despite the fact that it is much larger and less collapsible than the Lendrum that I parted with. To spin on a CPW is to never want to not spin on a CPW.

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Jane said...

I received a beautiful Canadian prouduction spinning wheel as a thank you gift. I can't seem to get it to work. I think it might be missing a part on the bobbin. Does your bobbin have a place for the band on the right hand side?
Mine doesn't. Please help me. I can't seem to find much information on this spinning wheel.
Thank you,