Thursday, May 15, 2008

Something finished

Well I almost managed to post this morning before work but then I made the mistake of picking up some roving to prep for spinning and all of my free time got used up. It is a good thing that I have finished socks to show off, otherwise I might not have managed to get around to posting at all today.

My silver cabled socks are now complete. Hurray. They are a nice utilitarian pair of socks but I feel that I've let the yarn down a bit. This colour of Shelridge Farm's Soft Touch has a shine that really makes it look metallic. If I ever knit with it again I'm going to look for a pattern that really shows off its shine. I have some other colours of this yarn so I will have a chance to redeem myself a bit.

Now I'm off to play with roving some more. If the sun comes out tomorrow I'll make sure I take some pictures. There are things that I have been dyeing to show you.


Joan said...

"Dyeing" to show us indeed!


Meredith said...

Great socks! Dyeing to tell, huh? tell! :)

knitty_kat said...

the pattern is lovely regardless. I think the only way the shine would have been highlighted would have been in a lace pattern - but I like them just the way they are!!