Monday, June 11, 2007

Works in Progress

My title refers to several things. First it refers to my Tatami sweater that I'm working away at. I'm really looking forward to getting to the end of the sleeves and letting some of the stitches drop. I want to make sure I have some pictures of what the sweater looks like before the dropped stitches actually get dropped. It will be a few days before the sleeves are finished. I've done 12 and a half inches of the required twenty inches. It is quite literally inching along.
Second it refers to a bruise that is slowly developing on my foot. I stepped on my foot sideways while I was distracted by the jokes I was making about an "Adidas foot-scan" I had just been offered. The amusement I get from knowing that I hurt my foot making fun of a foot scan pretty much makes up for the pain I'm suffering. Plus I think I will get a really cool looking bruise out of it, though at the moment the bruise is barely visible. Stay tuned.

And finally it refers to this blog. I keep thinking I should post and then not actually doing so because I'm not sure of what to say. Part of the problem is figuring out who my audience is. Knitters? Friends and family? Random strangers? I guess that is something that I will just need to figure out as I go along. I'm going to aim at a rate of at least two posts a week. We'll see how that turns out.


Melissa said...

great progress on tatami! once you get out of sleeve land, it will be over in a snap! promise :)

Joan said...

I think you should knit shawls for your mother.

Jeanne said...

Audience: fellow knitbloggers! :-) Welcome to blogland. I was referred here via Crafting Morrighana's blog.