Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Socks, socks, socks.

As promised, I have pictures of socks. For my trip to Montreal I packed two skeins of Koigu and a ball of Trekking XXL. I had intended to knit myself a pair of toe up socks using the "Ears of Grass" stitch pattern from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I swatched on the train ride from London to Toronto and discovered that the colours in the yarn hid the pattern too much, so while in Toronto for a couple of hours I picked up some Gems Opal from Lettuce Knit. I managed to knit a new swatch and most of one sock during the bus trip from Toronto to Montreal. A couple of days into my vacation and I had a pair of socks.

This left me with the Koigu which I knit up in a plain toe up sock so that I could use up as much of it as possible. A few days later and I had another pair of socks.

The last day in Montreal I started a pair of socks for Xman's birthday using the Trekking. Xman is my nephew and he really likes having Xs knit onto things; I've already knit him a hat with an X on the band and a pair of mittens with Xs on the back. I think he will like the socks and I really hope they fit him. I admit that I don't have a really clear idea of the size of a five year old's feet. I've used ribbing along the top of the foot and up the leg so they should fit a range of sizes. Worse comes to worse I will knit him another pair if these don't fit. I will probably have the pair done this evening, but since I was already taking sock pictures I snapped one of the completed sock.

It may look a bit odd because it is being modeled on my arm and my wrist falls short of being a proper heel.

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