Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Half a rooster monkey

One sock down and one more to go. Then I need to cast on for a couple of pairs of mitts and a hat, and finish the vampire and green shawl. Actually that list doesn't sound so bad.

My Christmas knitting might even be done early enough that it will reach its recipients early. Since most of it is being put in the mail, finishing a bit early is a definite plus.

Maybe I should do some of Meridith's knitting. Wait, she'd probably want the finished pieces back... sigh. There goes another perfectly good stash acquisition plan.


Meredith said...

Ha ha ha! Nice try! :P Although you might have been able to tempt me by swapping for those gorgeous monkeys you have pictured there. I lurrrrves me some monkey socks. It's a great pattern and looks so awesome on the feet. Nice work!

Jenny said...

I might have agreed to a swap but not of these socks. I'm really happy with how they are turning out and I'll be kind of sad to give them away. I guess I could always knit a second pair...