Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Strange old spinning wheel

After not having blogged for so long I have ended up out of practice and with a backlog of things to talk about. I keep thinking I should address them in order but then I get excited about talking about a new thing that I want to share. I don't post about the new thing, though, because I still feel like I should be doing things in order. Gah.

So today I am going to talk about my new old spinning wheel. I call it my new old spinning wheel because I have another old spinning wheel I acquired in September (I promise to blog about the latter very soon).

The new old wheel is made up of parts from at least two separate wheels. The wheel is from a smaller double drive while the 'body' is an old scotch tension wheel. The maiden may also be from a different wheel; the wood turning looks different and it sits at an odd angle. Once it is clean I should have a better idea of what matches.

The whole thing cost me $30 so I'm not upset that it doesn't all belong and won't spin (at least not without some replacement parts). I'm just curious to see what it looks like under all the grime.

I'll end this post with a picture I found while bumbling around the Montreal library website. The wheel this woman is sitting at looks quite similar but I'm not sure what she is using it for. This wheel is just a bundle of mysteries.


Briley said...

What a great find! Even if it nevers spins it will make a lovely decorative piece. With the price you paid you can't go wrong!

OzB said...

Wow Jen! What an incredible find. Can't wait to see if you can get it going :-) Hope you do a little more blogging. I miss hearing about your adventures.

Anonymous said...

I think the woman in the pic is using a wheel powered bobbin winder. These are often mistaken for spinning wheels that are incomplete. the bobbins are wound in advance of weaving, sometimes the threads are wound on paper "quills" that can be popped into a shuttle. Some of these bobbin winders are equipped with a box on the table for holding bobbins.