Sunday, October 18, 2009


At first I didn't have internet on my computer, and then I spilled coffee on my keyboard and got by using my mouse alone, and all the while I was spending most of my knitting time working on secret projects, but eventually I bought a new keyboard and finally found time and inclination to show off some knitting on my blog. Surprise!

I thought it was appropriate to take this opportunity to show off a project that I was working on sporadically for the better part of my blog silence. Though I don't think I mentioned it on the blog, my brother was expecting a baby boy in mid October. I decided that this was a good excuse to make another Baby Surprise Jacket out of handspun. To this end I bought some superwash merino roving and dyed it blue, yellow and brown.
Since I'm not crazy about spinning superwash merino worsted style, I took my hand cards to the coloured roving and turned it into a pile of rolags. This mixed the colours and toned them down.
I then sat down at my CPW and made a nice woolen 3 ply.
Sometime in the course of all of this my nephew Liam was born. Since he arrived on time in the first half of August, there was no real hurry to get him wrapped up in a wool sweater. However, as the end of September approached it seemed like the right time to get the sweater started. I finished it on October 4, just after the cold weather arrived.
There was a day delay between when the sweater was all ready to go and when I could drop it off, so I took some of the leftover yarn and knit an Aviator cap. I'm really glad I did, too.


elan said...

Very sweet, one of my fav jackets for babies & the cap is awesome.

OzB said...

Lovely to hear from you again Jen.

Love the BSJ and the AC. Beautiful dyeing and spinning :-)